Tuesday, June 3, 2014

BAHS Student Tech Team Offers Video Services

The BAHS Student Tech Team (Noah Howard, Christopher Lewicki and Brandon Richards) have decided to offer their services to film special events at Belfast Area High School and make these available on DVDs.  The students got started on this venture by filming board meetings.  Word got around and they were asked if they could film the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony in April and make it available to parents.  They were successful in selling eight DVDs at $5.00 each.   This money was put into an account in the office to buy supplies for more projects.  Right now the students are getting ready to film the 2014 BAHS Graduation Ceremony on June 8th and again make available DVDs for sale at a cost of $20.00.  It is the students' hope to film more events next year and use the money to purchase supplies and equipment for the student tech team and in the future provide scholarship money.

This is a good example of students applying what they have learned in school to work situations and it gives them an opportunity to provide a service to the community.

Monday, June 2, 2014

CASS Film Festival

This Friday the Captain Albert Stevens School will hold its second Student Film Festival! On June 6 at 1:30 we will roll out the red carpet and celebrate the acting and editing expertise of the school population. The Festival features over a dozen movies created by the staff and students of the school, and is sure to expose the talent of the future movie makers of America. The films showcase actors in grades K-5 and movie makers as young as age 8. The finale of this years festival will be a school music video featuring the song "Further On" by Bronze Radio Return. Lead singer and guitarist Chris Henderson is none other than Principal Jody Henderson's very own son. This years Film Fest is sure to be a treat and we hope to see you there!

Commercials and Blogs in 6th grade

Sixth graders in Mrs. Jagger's language arts classes are creating commercials for their books that they have read. Each student has chosen a book to read to their liking. The assigned project was to create a commercial to sell their book to audiences of their same age. Students had to give the important information of the book: title, main characters, setting, plot without giving away the story line. Students were required to create a commercial using the required information as well as read an excerpt from their book. The students recorded themselves reading an excerpt using iMovie, Quicktime or PhotoBooth. Creating a video then adding the video to their Google Presentation.

Mrs. Jagger's sixth grade Social Studies class are using Blogger to create blogs for their social studies topics. Each student has chosen an event in time to start a blog about. The students tell the story of the event in detail. Then ask thought-provoking questions. Other students on the class have to respond to each students blog. Mrs. Jagger monitors each blog and post. The students also are learning proper social media etiquette while blogging.