Thursday, April 17, 2014

THMS Tech Clubs

6th grade Tech Club members are learning about the keyboard shortcut keys. how these keys work, how and when to use them. Also so the students can then help others to use these time saving shortcuts.

7th grade Tech Club members are learning coding using the website The club will be moving on to use alice from Carnegie Melon which is educational software for students to learn computer programing in a 3D environment. After building a working foundation, the club will create video games using alice.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Destination Pie Chart

Gathering and interpreting data are skills that fit into any any grade level. Activities that involve polling peers can be integrated into math, social studies, or any number of other content areas.

In a 5th grade math class students created a simple survey using the tool: Google Forms.

 Students designed and shared their work by posting the link in a class document. They also  submitted responses to their classmates questions in one quick 40 minute period. 

For the next class the students looked at their results, sorted and interpreted their data then created pie charts such as this. 

Using the tools in their Google Drive these students were able to do all of these steps simply and still walk away with the essential learning. As an added bonus students genuinely enjoyed this activity!