Tuesday, January 13, 2015

QR Codes in the Classroom

Going Google has made our students' work easily accessible ... if you know how to find it. My annual inspiration from the ACTEM conference led my to explore QR codes, and some ideas that stemmed from conversations there. I had a vague idea of what these dotted squares were all about, but wanted to use them in a meaningful way in the classroom. So far we have these two implementations that are making kids and families look at work in a new way!
Grade 2 - Mrs. Nelson's 2nd grade builds their student ePortfolios using Google Drive, but how do you share those projects at home? QR codes, of course! Each portfolio folder is connected to a QR code which was sent home - at conferences she modeled how to use it, and was happily surprised at the number of families that has already accessed it. Now she can share photos, videos, documents and more of what the students are doing at school.
Grade 5 - All 3 of Mrs. Larrabee's science classes create Voice projects for their unit on recycling. The projects were impressive, but how do you share them so everyone can see and hear their presentations? QR codes! Each students connected their project to a QR codes. Now samples hang in the hallway so that others in the school can get accustomed to how it all works - amazing!

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